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Maine Media Workshop in Rockport, Maine was a terrific week. You could ask anything more for the experience. There was hard work figuring out what you where going to shoot to having a lot of fun with the people in the class. It is one of the workshops I will go back to again. The Main Media workshop gives you so many subjects to choose from. The Maine Media Workshops is an international non-profit educational organization offering year-round workshops for photographers, filmmakers, and media artists. Students from across the country and around the world travel to the harbor village of Rockport, Maine to attend courses at all levels, from absolute beginner and serious amateur to working professional. The Young Artists Program offers creative course opportunities for high school students. Professional certificate and MFA programs in photography, film, and multimedia are available through Maine Media College. The school’s curriculum honors historical forms and practices of image making while embracing new technologies and modes of creative expression.

Arthur Meyerson is recognized as one of America’s finest photographers. Since 1974, this native Texan has traveled throughout the world, creating award winning advertising, corporate and editorial photographs, as well as an extensive body of fine art imagery. A three-time winner of Adweek’s “Southwest Photographer of the Year” award, he is on Communication World’s list of top 10 corporate photographers and was named one of the 30 best advertising photographers by American Photo.

Arthur was my instructor for the workshop. The workshop was challenged us to ease out of our comfort zones and abandon our familiar habits in order to introduce new ways of shooting our photos. Once we started to realize Arthur’s method of encouraging creativity through fresh ways of thinking, it became more and more enjoyable.  Group critiques took place the day after shooting  and they reinforced this, as well as brought fresh perspective to our work. The highlight for me was when I had a one-on-one session with Arthur the third day of class. That hour really helped me to see the good, the bad and the ugly of my work. Arthur’s influence has shown me how to elevate the way I see, think and shoot my photos.  Overall, the collective nature of this particular workshop energized me and helped me to visualize my photos in innovative ways.

Just look at it this way; as a photographer I got dull after a while and had bad habits. Arthur has shown me how to improve my photographs. The rest is up to me.

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