• GY-DV5000 incorporates three 1/2″ 410,000 (NTSC)
  • 3-CCD camera for high-quality picture
  • Each CCD is equipped with highly advanced circuitry that virtually eliminates vertical smear when shooting bright lights against a dark background
  • GY-DV5000 offers outstanding digital PCM sound. 16-bit, 48 kHz audio signals are locked with video signals for smooth editing. You can choose from two 16 bit, 48 kHz channels or four 12-bit, 32 kHz channels
  • Ensates optics-related color reproduction to ensure more natural, true-to-life tones. Four color matrix presets (Standard/Cine/Warm/Off) are provided to give you more creative control over the look and feel of your imagesJVC GY-DV5000 DV
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